Leeds SEnJA Net ‘Meet and Greet’

Leeds SEnJA Net hosted a meeting last week on 22/10/14 between academics and representatives of a range of campaigning and advocacy groups that included:

  1. HomeWorkers Worldwide UK (www.homeworkersww.org.uk);
  2. Together For Peace (www.t4p.org.uk);
  3. Leeds Tidal (www.leedstidal.org);
  4. Regional Asylum Activism Project (regionalasylumactivism.org);
  5. Leeds Advocacy (www.leedsadvocacy.org.uk);
  6. Leeds City of Sanctuary (www.cityofsanctuary.org/leeds);
  7. Better Leeds Communities (www.betterleeds.org.uk).

Discussions centered on beginning a process of establishing areas of mutual interest and concern and creating sustainable working partnerships and collaborative research agendas between campus and the various communities (locally and nationally) beyond the academy.

It was felt that SEnJA Net should act as a resource and action hub: a space and tool for participants in the network to initiate events and campaigns around social/environmental justice issues. Suggestions included the possibility of establishing community-based seminar series and roundtables on key issues (e.g. asylum) as well as one-off public events etc. It was also decided that the next SEnJA Net event would take place off-campus in the New Year, and comprise further meetings and exchanges with community groups as well as a workshop on an issue to be finalised

In the interests of making SEnJA Net as democratic and ‘horizontal’ as possible, the co-convenors of the network, Jane and Paul will act as facilitators – but not necessarily as initiators of SEnJA Net activities as they develop.