Who we are

Landless Movement BangladeshLeeds SEnJA Net is a network of academics based at the University of Leeds, actively engaged in research on/with struggles around social, economic and environmental justice. SEnJA Net has a strong commitment to developing relationships between academics and between academics and various community groups, organisations and movements locally, as well as nationally and internationally.

We are motivated by ethical values shaped by core commitments to social and environmental justice, and the desire to create collaborations aimed at improving the social and environmental conditions of our communities, cities, region and planet at a time of major transformations.

While we recognise that such collaborations are frequently complex and challenging as they bring together different groups, experiences and cultural/institutional understandings, we believe that they provide a unique environment to build a politics of solidarity among different communities of practitioners locally and internationally. This involves the common identification of issues and problems as well as ways to challenge social, economic and environmental injustices. In part this means working with groups experiencing such injustices with the scope of empowering people to take control of their own lives. It also means collaboration on the kinds of research that are conducted, questioning and re-thinking the forms under which knowledge is produced in contemporary academic and third sector organisations and whose knowledge is valued. We aim to encourage and contribute particular skills and expertise through which mutually defined, horizontal collaborations, projects and needs can be fashioned and developed.